What Size Construction Dumpster Do I Need?

What Size Construction Dumpster Do I Need?

The ideal-sized construction dumpster will vary from project to project. Most construction jobs will require anywhere from a 10 to a 40-yard roll-off dumpster to collect all of the waste that is generated during a construction job. For remodeling and renovation projects, 10-20 yard roll-off dumpsters will likely meet the project’s needs. New construction generally requires 25-40 yard roll-off dumpsters, and commercial construction typically requires a 40-yard dumpster. 

How Much Debris Can a Construction Dumpster Hold?

Getting a dumpster that is too small can lead to overage charges, and getting a construction dumpster that is too large will end up with you paying more than you need to. Dumpster rental companies can help you pick the perfect dumpster for your project based on the size of the job and how much debris and waste will need to be removed from the site. The size of the dumpster will correspond with the number of cubic yards of debris it can hold. For example, a 40-yard roll-off dumpster can remove around 40 cubic yards of waste in one load, which is equivalent to around 16 pickup truck beds full of waste.

Construction Dumpster With Signature Dumpster Rental

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