What Is A Rubber Wheel Dumpster?

What Is A Rubber Wheel Dumpster

A rubber wheel dumpster is convenient because it is pulled behind a truck, similar to trailers and is great for small projects. It is easy to hook and unhook from the truck and you must secure the wheels to prevent it from rolling. The wheels on the dumpster lock in place allowing the dumpster to sit off the ground. This is great for many projects, especially in residential areas, because it provides a cushioned load, instead of sitting directly on the concrete, which can potentially damage the ground. 

Benefits Of Renting A Rubber Wheel Dumpster

Rubber wheel dumpsters are great because they are easy to transport, it is simple to hook on the back of a truck and unhook when in use. It is also beneficial because you are avoiding potential damage to your driveway, or parking area. Unlike steel containers that are heavier and must be dragged against the ground to haul away, rubber wheel dumpsters sit off the ground and provide a cushion for the ground. These dumpsters are also great for small jobs in compact areas since they do not require a lot of space. 

Rubber Wheel Dumpster With Signature Dumpster Rental

Signature Dumpster Rental is a locally owned and operated dumpster rental company. We serve Southgate, MI, Taylor, MI, Lincoln Park, MI, and other surrounding Michigan areas. We offer varying sizes of dumpsters for all types of projects. Signature Dumpster Rentals provides fast, honest, professional, reliable, and quality service to our clients. Our dumpster price varies depending on the content, size, and location of the dumpster. We are here to help you decide what size dumpster is right for you. To learn more about our rubber wheel dumpster rental services, call 313-406-5634 or visit us online.

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